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When a friend across the country fell seriously ill during a pandemic, I wanted to hug her with a quilt.  I happened to be watching Kimie Miner's You Are My Sunshine video one day and knew instantly it would be the inspiration for the quilt.  A bright and cheerful color scheme, at first the background was a low volume Alison Glass but as I was humming the tune and got to the "when skies are grey" line, it inspired me to try this wonderful background woven, Manchester in Pepper by Robert Kaufman . . . it brought the design to a whole new level.  A quick google search and the background fabric was ordered, the sunshine fabrics coming from my stash.  Featuring the Least of These Border.

The Least of These border I designed after being inspired by the ministry of friends to the homeless.  It's named for the Biblical verse Matthew 25:40, ". . . whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me."  In quilting, a 1" square is arguably the least of all blocks.

Curl-Up In Size (74" x 74")

Kid Size (54" x 54")


Leave me a comment if you're interested in a pattern for this quilt.

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