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Modern Flower Garden is fun and surprisingly easy to construct.  Flowers are pieced.  Leaves are FPP'd using the Digital Quilts method of FPP.  This method has been a game changer to pattern testers:

  1. The pattern prints on both sides of the paper.  One side shows the lines to sew on.  The second side shows exactly where to place the fabric pieces before flipping the paper over and sewing.

  2. Pieces are rotary cut with specific dimensions instead of leaving the quilter to guess whether they’ve cut the piece large enough.

  3. Pieces are cut on the straight of grain stabilizing the final block and quilt so it won’t be prone to sag.


If you are new to FPP or even to quilting in general, this is a great starter pattern that will impress friends and family.



Required Quilting Skills:  FPP

Size:  60” x 60”

Pattern for sale in the Shop!

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