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From the turquoise shades surrounding the islands to their deep water origin, they’re all represented in the Island Waves quilt using Art Gallery Fabric's line of Pure Elements solids.

Do you know about Art Gallery Fabrics?  AGF's tag line challenges you to "Feel the Difference".  Their fabric seems to be a denser weave but with a finer thread resulting in solids that shimmer like silk in the sunlight ... like the shimmer of an Island Wave.

I'm so in love with AGF's Pure Elements line that I purchased a color card and then purchased a small amount of EACH COLOR!  I knew immediately that I wanted to do something with the blues and aquas.  


72" x 72"

Machine pieced 

If you're interested in a pattern for this quilt, leave me a comment.  I do have variations of the design that could be used to make a quilt of a different size so leave me some input on a size you might be interested in.  And if I do write a pattern, I'll share all my accuracy tips.  It was a fun quilt to make once I mastered the accuracy.

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