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These look like dahlias to me.  Do they to you too?  Hence the name.  And the black background?  I vaguely recall a book from my youth by the same title about a young girl sent away to a mental institution.   As I was auditioning background fabrics, the darker colors really made the dahlias pop, especially black.  And given the book background, black it stayed.  Featuring the "Least of These" border.

The Least of These border I designed after being inspired by the ministry of friends to the homeless.  It's named for the Biblical verse Matthew 25:40, ". . . whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me."  In quilting, a 1" square is arguably the least of all blocks.

82" x 82"

FPP, machine pieced

This quilt could be adjusted to a smaller size by removing blocks.

Leave me a comment in the form below if interested in a pattern for this quilt . . . and the approximate size.

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