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When a friend set me up with a sweet suite on an Alaskan cruise, you bet a quilt was in her future.  And what says Alaska more than bears and mountains.  Meet me on Bear Mountain alternates the Bear Paw and Crossroads blocks and surrounds them with purple mountain majesty Delectable Mountains.  Jennifer Sampou's beautiful line of Sky fabric lends a Pacific Northwest feel to the quilt.

79" x 79"

Machine pieced

I LOVE scrappy quilts BUT ... my mind's eye is pleased when I mix some order into the chaos of scrappiness.  The order in this quilt comes from the Delectable Mountains border and the predictably placed Crossroads block (although there are 3 variations of that block, they are orderly placed).  The scrappiness comes with the Bear Paw blocks, all in the same color theme but randomly placed.

The quilt shown uses 2" HST that defines the overall size of the quilt but by varying the size of the HST or by varying the number of blocks in the width or height of the quilt, a variety of sizes are possible ... 

Leave me a comment in the form below if interested in a pattern for this quilt . . . and the approximate size.

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